The opportunity to benefit from the high returns that cryptocurrency investments offer is limited


Volatility, while predictable for the short term, may not last forever.

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Invest a portion of your existing managed fund into the Black Bull Advisors Hedge Fund.


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The cryptocurrency market is ripe for opportunity, and is best experienced through a hedge fund that has the knowledge and capability to manage the inherent volatility.

The Accredited Investor Profile

You generally must be an accredited investor, which means having a minimum level of income or assets, to invest in hedge funds.

Read a fund's prospectus and related materials. Make sure you understand the level of risk involved in the fund's investment strategies, and that the risks are suitable to your personal investing goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance.

Understand how fund assets are valued. Hedge funds may hold investments that are difficult to sell and may be difficult to value. You should understand the valuation process and know the extent to which a fund's holdings are valued by independent sources.

Understand fees. Fees impact your return on investment. Hedge funds typically charge an asset management fee of 2% of assets, plus a “performance fee” of 20% of the hedge fund’s profit. A performance fee could motivate a hedge fund manager to take greater risks in the hope of generating a larger return.

Understand any limitations on your right to redeem your shares. Hedge funds typically limit opportunities to redeem, or cash in your shares, to four times a year or less, and often impose a "lock-up" period of one year or more, during which you cannot cash in your shares.

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