We use Big Data - publicity available market and economic data of virtual currencies - to aggregate real-time data and quickly execute complex analytics

These insightful visualizations lead us to identify potential high-return investments for our investors

Our technology allows us to see market trends that are not seen using traditional analytics. We identify areas where volatility can be analyzed to target investments with high potential for above-market returns.

We founded BBA on the premise that investors require an alternative to the traditional low return, buy-and-hold approach to investing.

We leverage the volatility of cryptocurrency markets to identify specific, high-probability opportunities for significant returns.

“Volatility is far from synonymous with risk.”

— Warren Buffet, 2015

Because of our astute financial knowledge, deep expertise in AI, and flat organizational structure, we can react quickly to changing markets.

Our nimble approach to investing means that we can quickly adapt to new market opportunities that significantly benefit our investors.