Meet the team behind Black Bull Advisors

Constantine Potamianos CEO and Partner

Constantine is an experienced business leader with expertise in technology, finance, strategy, operations, and law. He previously served as an investment banker, investor, and team leader for a New York based technology-focused investment bank. He has significant experience with large institutional investors and hedge funds, having served as Partner and co-leader of Corporate Practice of a prominent New York based law firm.

Alex Artyukhin Partner

Alex has extensive experience in financial markets, IT, and trading. He has held key positions at major banks and exchanges, and the owner of several successful startups. He brings his knowledge of AI and trading to create the algorithms that are at the heart of the Black Bull Advisor’s platform.

Alton Franco Partner

Alton is an experienced entrepreneur, visionary, and business leader. His professional experience includes network marketing, CEO of a successful travel business, and he has applied his leadership to multiple industries. As a US Navy Gulf War veteran, he uses his strategic leader insight to help companies grow.

Luis Gonzalez Partner

Luiz has deep experience helping startups in the mobile, payment, Fintech and Blockchain sectors with strategic direction. He is a proven bicultural and bilingual leader who brings his vision to help advance the mission of his client companies.

Tim Peshkov Partner

Tim is communications executive with more than 20 years of financial services, Fintech, technology, and media experience.